短语: to be good at to be expert in be good at be clever at be adept in be adept at expert at had a good head for great at be accomplished in be strong in 例句: 1 她擅长绘画。 She is clever at painting. 2 他擅长心算。 He is g...

be good at do well in

擅长于 be good at [例句]我喜欢英语,我很擅长于读书。 I like English and I am good at reading.

do well in be good at 两个都行

擅长于做某事 be good in ; be good at ; be good at sth ; do well in 擅长于英语 be good at English

specialize in be good at be apt at be deft at have an aptitude for

be good at 或 do well in 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

The parents are good at

be good at (doing) sth. do well in (doing) sth.

I'm good at English.

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