【释义】:Enthusiastic 【双语例句】: 后来她以饱含热情的笔触写到了他的举止和行为。 She later wrote warmly of his bearing and behaviour. 观众立即对他作出了热情的反应。 The audience at once greeted him warmly. 人群毫无热情的迟钝...

passion最通用,说爱情、对事情的热情激情,都可以用(但一般不用于说对工作,原因如下); enthusiasm主要是指热情(对待事物、工作的),不过在咱们的中文翻译里当然也可以说是“激情”。这是中英文的不同,要看具体语境 此为两个最常用的 而且...

激情 jī qíng intense emotion; fervour; passion; enthusiasm: 满怀激情 be filled with enthusiasm 燃起激情 kindle the passions; set one's passion aflame 抑制激情 hold the passion in check

keep passion 专业团队献上最专业的解答 请考虑采纳谢谢

I am passionate about life

enthusiasm 英 [ɪnˈθju:ziæzəm] 美 [ɪnˈθu:ziæzəm] n. 热情,热忱;热衷的事物;宗教的狂热 例句:The lack of enthusiasm for unification among most West Germans fills him with disappointment 大多...

激情的英语单词是passion。 解释: passion 英[ˈpæʃn] 美[ˈpæʃn] n. 激情,热情; 热心,爱好; 热恋; 酷爱; vt. [诗歌用语] 表露强烈感情,显示巨大热情; [例句]He spoke with great passion. 他发表了热情洋溢的...

Doing with passion and gaining with passion. If you do something with passion , you will result from full passion. With passion to do and with passion to win.

我对工作充满激情并且喜欢迎接挑战 I am passionate about my work and I like to meet the challenge

生活就是这样, 平淡而又有激情. 英语: Life is such a thing that it's quite ordinary but passionate.

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