歌名字:Rocket Man 来自:Elton John

我感觉你说的好像是 I BELIEVE I CAN FLY-R.KELLY 这首歌,你可以试听看看是不是这首歌。

anies are waking up and smelling the harsh

Booty Music

应该是这个Faded You were the shadow to my light 你是我生命光亮中的一道暗影 Did you feel us 你能感受彼此的存在吗? Another start 下一个开始 You fade away 你的身影渐渐模糊 Afraid our aim is out of sight 害怕我们的目标逝于视野之外...

正确答案:Lykke li的i'm good i'm gone

《至高无上的爱》惠特尼`修斯顿 i believe the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way show them all the beauty they possess inside give them a sense of pride to make it easier let the children's laughter...


是Adele的《Rolling in the deep》吗 副歌第一句“We could have had it all”(我们本应幸福的)

Hannah Miller - Promise Land 网易云音乐上有,国内目前没有资源,有的也是网友抓音轨制作出来的

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