歌名字:Rocket Man 来自:Elton John

anies are waking up and smelling the harsh


Adele(阿黛勒)《Rolling In The Deep(流淌在心底)》 There's a fire starting in my heart 我怒火中烧 Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark 熊熊烈焰带我走出黑暗 Finally, I can see you crystal clear 最终我将你看...

every night in my dreams 每一个夜晚,在我的梦里 i see you, i feel you 我看见你,我感觉到你 that is how i know you go on 我懂得你的心 far across the distance 跨越我们心灵的空间 and the spaces between us 你向我显现你的来临 you ha...

Booty Music

Wake Me Up When September Ends是收藏在Green Day(绿日乐队)《American Idiot 》专辑里一首非常好听的歌曲

正确答案:Lykke li的i'm good i'm gone

The studio's dark, got the candles on I'm trying to write words to the perfect song But nothing will rhyme, nothing sounds right Now you're gone It's raining outside so you can't be far You're probably still soaked sitting in y...

Justin bieber的sorry

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