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求一段自我介绍英文版的爱好和性格 尽量简短点 好几点

hello everyone,my name is xxxx.today,i want to show you something about my characters and hobbys.-I enjoy (a certain hobby) whenever I have some down time当我有所空闲时比较喜欢做些(某个兴趣和爱好).-I am an easygoing/laid-back kind

“ I am very lively, but I have a quiet hobby - painting. ”,然后介绍一下自己的特长,“I'm good at many interesting activities like skating and swimming ”然后评价自己:“I think I am very lively and lovely, I have the spirit of optimism. But I also

A:Hello ,my name is xxx,I came from Canada.B:Hi, my name is xxx,you can call me xxx.I am English ,Nice to meet you .A:Nice to meet you too.Do you like football?I am gonging to join in a team.Would you like to go with me ?B:I am sorry, my favourite

Hello, everyone, Please allow me to give a brief introduction of myself. My name is XXX, you can also call me XXX. I'm XXyears old, graduating from XXXX and majoring in XXXX. Generally speaking, I am a confident, optimistic and hard working

Hello everyone.My name is Wang ling.I'm a happy girl.I'm thirteen years old.I have two big eyes and my hair is long.I study at Dongzhou Middle School.My school is very big and beautiful.I have some hobbies.I like listening to music,surfing the

. i have a friend named yangyang. her medium height, shapely, oval face, small eyes but great temperament. she is interested in singing and dancing. she has participated in the city's singing competition, won the first prize. she loves sports, like

Hello everyone, my name is XXX. I'm come from China. I'm XX years old. My favorite sport is XXX. I love to read(XX) during my free time. Also,I like spending my time with my friends/family. This is all about myself. Nice to meet you all! Thank you!

hello, everyone, I am ###, I am an easy going girl/ boy. and I come from ###. I am good at ##. I have many hobbies, such as music, painting, reading, swimming and so on. It is really my honor to be here with you to have this good time and hope we

General Introduction I am a third year master major in automation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P. R. China. With tremendous interest in Industrial Engineering, I am writing to apply for acceptance into your Ph.D. graduate program. Education

My name is I'm .. years old.(这貌似是常规)I'm a (这里是形容自己的词)girl/boy. I suty in (在上学可以写上学校) My hobby is reading,playing football(随便写写什么爱好,记得加ing)I like study English.I think it is easy to

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