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你完成了吗英文怎么说 是do you finish it?

have you finished it yet? 用现完时更好

Do you understand ? understand? have you got it?

不是。 你在家吗?英文直接说Are you home? 因为home这个词除了“家"的意思,还有作副词表示”在家“的意思。 当然,你也可以说,Are you at home? 但绝对不说Do you at home?的。

“你懂吗”的英语表达: 1、Do you understand? 2、.Do you know? 3、Do you get it? 4、Do you read me? 拓展资料: ●understand 英 [ʌndə'stænd] 美 ['ʌndɚ'stænd] vt. 理解;懂;获悉;推断;省略 vi. 理解;懂...

are you sure 你肯定吗;你确定要… 例: Are you sure you can do well this year? 你肯定你可以在今年的考试中取得好成绩? Are you sure he is your brother and not your boyfriend? 你确定他只是你的兄弟而不是你的男朋友么? Are you sure it...

What do you mean? What's the meaning of you? What does your words mean? 相关例句: 你知道这是什么意思? Do you know what it means? 2.这是什么意思呢? What does that mean? 3.这是什么意思呢? What does this mean? 4.你想知道这是什么...

Have you start the work already? Please send me what you already have done so that I can finish the rest of part with it.

你有男朋友了吗? 翻译成英文,有以下两种译法: 1、Have you got a boyfriend? 解释: Have you got... 你有... 双语例句: Have you got any outdoor interests? 你有什么室外活动爱好吗? boyfriend 英 ['bɒɪfrend] 美 ['bɔ...

Is my thing still in your place or not? Has my thing still been put in your place or not?

Look into my eyes, you will see 注视我的眼睛,你会发现 What you mean to me 你对我意味着什么 Search your heart, search your soul 寻找你的心,寻找你的灵魂 And when you find me there 就当你在此处找到我的时候 You’ll search no more ...

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