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外国人就业许可证Foreigners work permit、外国人就业证Foreigner's Work Permit、外国人工作签证Foreigners work visa、Z签证Z Visa、外国人居留许可申办咨询The foreigner residence permit bid for consultation、外国人家属签证Foreigners f...

Business Range: Licensing business projects: None Regular Business Projects: Ropeway design, Special Contract; Labor outsourcing; Tour resource development (Tourism business excluded); Maintenance of machinery and equipment , ...

This is to certify that XXX, a student of Class Six, Grade Nine at our school, plans to visit Denmark, Norway, and Sweden from June 18 to July 5, 2013. During his/her(这个his her请根据自己的性别来选择啦) stay in Europe, all t...

你好! 这就一个普通旅游签证。 译文如下 旅游签证 泰国王国成都总领事馆 签证号 C..... 类别TR (旅游) 单次入境有效 必须2017年7月4日以前使用 签发日2017年4月5日

Name: Beijing hui beauty technology development co., LTD Linkin park address: Beijing's daxing district economic and technological development zone 21 floor. Room 1902

Dear Sir, My name is xxxx, I will be going to Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien of Vienna in February to sit for the entrance examination of Landscape Architecture course. I shall reach Austria one week in advance to f...

-------仅标准护照适用--------- 所要求的护照。 -美国公民抵达时携带有效护照方可入境; 豁免护照: -紧急或临时护照的持有者; 所要求的签证,具有最多30天停留期的美国公民除外(不适用于有效期少于6个月的护照持有人和紧急或临时护照的持有...

Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,Xiaoshan District,Green City 2 Building 2 unit 901 room


Director of Environment monitoring Branch, Environment Protection Bureau of Nanhai District, Foshan Municiple People's Government.

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