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Shalala Lala? There's a boy in my mind and he knows I'm thinkin' of him All my way to the day and the night the stars shine above me. He's been gone for some time but I know I truly love him. And I'm singing a song, hoping he'l...

歌词: 【Girl your heart】, 【girl your face 】 【is so different from them others】 I say, you're the only one that I'll adore 'Cause every time you're by my side My blood rushes through my veins And my geeky face, blushed so ...

yesterday once more 昨日重现 When I was young I'd listen to the radio 是时年少 我痴守着收音机 Waiting for my favorite songs 在等我至爱之曲断 When they played I'd sing along, 其播放后 我随之吟唱 It make me smile 其令我笑然 Those...

This Is How We Do It,我觉得你找的是这首

beautiful now zedd的


哈哈哈哈。。每次看到你们的提问我都忍不住要笑一会 开个玩笑 两首歌 你看看是那个 第一首 ein kleines lied 第二首 Yael Naim - New Sou 你看看是不是 不是的 追问我 (我来自A站)

这首歌是《undress rehearsal》。歌词如下: Undress Rehearsal (裸体彩排) - Timeflies (时光飞逝乐队) Written by:Caleb Shapiro/Rob Resnick/James Abrahart/Andreas Schuller/Jacob Luttrell Ooh la la la la la la la la Ooh la la la You...

女的那首是不是 Cara Dillon - Never In A Million Years

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