你好! 考勤 attendance 英[əˈtendəns] 美[əˈtɛndəns] n. 出席率; 出席,参加; 出席者,出席人数; [例句]Her attendance at school was sporadic. 她三天两头旷课。

Attendance Check attendance 是检查考勤的意思 缺勤是absence

Sign in。是英文中的签到意思 如果你表达的是连续签到的意思,可以用英文如下表达: keep sign in last for 30 days in ...... 望采纳!

负责人签字 responsible officer (signature) 出勤Attendance 公休Official holiday 病假 Sick leave 事假 private affair leave 旷工Absenteeism 迟到be late 倒休 take a work day off in exchange of a holiday 除上述情况均手写 In addition...

day with gentleness, vigor and a keenness of appreciation which are often los

打卡以记录上班时间 clock in 打卡以记录下班时间 clock off 我打卡上班 I clock in. 员工在开始上班前都要打卡。 The employees all clock in before they begin work

James remember to punch your attendant card during in and off duty.

In order to address the needs of depatmental shift management, we have extended your authority of attendance management. All attendance administrators concerned please use new user names and passcodes to log on and confirm the ...


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