Attendance Check attendance 是检查考勤的意思 缺勤是absence

打卡 punch card ; clock in ; punch the clock 双语例句如下: 1、另一种很常见的设备是"打卡"机。 Another very common device is a "punch-card" machine. 2、《帮助美国投票法》(HelpAmericaVoteAct)向自愿更换打卡投票机和"拉杆"投票机的选...

Attendance machine

day with gentleness, vigor and a keenness of appreciation which are often los

负责人签字 responsible officer (signature) 出勤Attendance 公休Official holiday 病假 Sick leave 事假 private affair leave 旷工Absenteeism 迟到be late 倒休 take a work day off in exchange of a holiday 除上述情况均手写 In addition...

mend/correct the time-clock card 打卡用记时钟在考勤卡上打印下班时间 To check out formally at a job upon departure. 打卡用记时钟在考勤卡上打印上班时间 To check in formally at a job upon arrival. 考勤卡由雇员填写或由考勤钟盖章的...

你打卡按指纹了吗 英语翻译: Do you press your fingerprints on your card

楼下说得都不对, 调休是 leave in lieu, 补休应该是compensated leave 绝对正宗,刚跟老外确认过的 补充一下,vacation是假期,就跟度假的那种假期似的。Leave才是工作平时休息的假,比如病假叫SICK LEAVE, 年假叫ANNUAL LEAVE

In order to address the needs of depatmental shift management, we have extended your authority of attendance management. All attendance administrators concerned please use new user names and passcodes to log on and confirm the ...

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