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跟Here With You很像的一首英文歌,节奏好像一样,...

The world is ours-Eleven past one Glad you came-The wanted We own the night-The wanted Circles-Tino coury Say something-Austin Mahone If only you-Danny 暂时想起来这些~


是不是Glad you came?


是bryan adams 的 “Here I Am” 还是richard marx的“right here waiting”

Katy perry的 California Gurls 可以试试

逛了那么久终于看到喜欢Asher Book的亲了感动cryQAQ 有几首也有Asher的: 《Try》Asher Book(超级温柔的一首歌) 《Love Struck》V-Factory(很Pop,Asher所在乐队的歌) 《Someone To Watch Over Me》Asher Book(选自电影《Fame》) Asher在电...

Asher Book - To all my friends 对我所有好友来讲 The night is young 夜未央 The music's loud 乐未殇 They playing our song 他们在我们喜爱的歌声里欢畅 Nowhere else that I belong Than here with you我只想和你在此相伴,不想去任何其他...

歌曲:《Happy》 歌手:Pharrell Williams(法瑞尔·威廉姆斯) 歌曲歌词: 英文 It might seem crazy what I'm about to say Sunshine she's here, you can take away I'm a hot air balloon, I could go to space With the air, like I don't c...

Some Type Of Love - Charlie Puth When I'm old and grown I won't sleep alone Every single moment will be fading into you That's some type of love That's some type of love And I won't sing the blues Cause all I need is you Every ...

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