1. When it comes to my favorite teacher , I can't resist thinking of you . Thanks to your considerable help , I made great process in my math project . Just as you konw , my math used to be very poor , which made me feel afraid to answer questions .

I want to say”Thank you”to Miss Wang our English teacher. I can never pay you back for your kindness and your patience. I used to be weak in English. You found my problem and helped me out. With your help I am now good at English. I still

He very serious, but is also very kind he to be willing to solve student's problem is specially result not too good schoolmate proposes. He is also strict requests us ! His class is very interesting, the impression is very deep for me, he also teaches us

My high school lifeMy high school was built in 1990, with 280 teachers and 3200 students in 48 classes. The teaching building can contain 60 classes together. Our liberay has more than two hundred thousand books and our science and technology

as long as we study hard;to spend a day, for his father." the teacher will always be our respect and affection in the heart of a teacher " thank” Thanked her teacher wrote down the subject, i think it is common and popular. As the saying goes &

would like to thank you for all the help you gave me during this past semester. You were alway so patient when I asked you questions. You listened to them carefully and explained everything so thoroughly. You showed me different ways to practice and

my dear teacher, i 'd like to say thank you so much to you. because when i was a student i didn't understand anything, but during this time there was a nice person who gave me a hope and told me that perseverance was important for studying . well,

[感谢老师的英语作文]I\'m not that kind of student who good at English and learn very quickly.I can\'t say that I love English more than other subjects.Even I can say English is a headache for me in the passed days.我不是那种学习英语有天赋的学习很

I would thank my English teacher in high school. He was a kind person, very easygoing and patient to his students.his classes were so interesting. he was polular with us, not only did he have great teach skills, he also gave us advices on how to learn

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