I'm not that kind of student who good at English and learn very quickly.I can't say that I love English more than other subjects.Even I can say English is a headache for me in the passed days.我不是那种学习英语有天赋的学习很快的学生.我也不能说

I want to say”Thank you”to Miss Wang our English teacher. I can never pay you back for your kindness and your patience. I used to be weak in English. You found my problem and helped me out. With your help I am now good at English. I still

1. When it comes to my favorite teacher , I can't resist thinking of you . Thanks to your considerable help , I made great process in my math project . Just as you konw , my math used to be very poor , which made me feel afraid to answer questions .

感恩父母 be grateful to our parents i consider my parents as the most important people in my life. this is not because they re wealthy or famous. rather, what i value about most is the care and love they show to me.我认为我的父母是我生命中最重要的

Thank You Teacher Thank you, Teacher, for your commitment To impact your students in a positive way With the dynamic gift of knowledge We have not grasped before today. Thank you for coming to work early And, staying long into the night

Teacher I thank you very much. Industriousness thanking to me pays. That my academic record has not stabilized till now , you always persist in taking lessons in after school homework for me, has made my achievement have very big rise, and uses

Teachers' Day comes on September 10th every year. On the day we usually give our teachers cards or flowers to show our thanks. I thank them for helping me when I am in trouble, and I thank them for teaching me how to be a real man. Of course

My high school lifeMy high school was built in 1990, with 280 teachers and 3200 students in 48 classes. The teaching building can contain 60 classes together. Our liberay has more than two hundred thousand books and our science and technology


Thank You, Teacher. I would like to say, thank you ,dear teacher. You always treat us students as your own children. No matter how bad the weather is or how sick you are feeling. You never miss the classes because your personal reason. I would like

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