Dear Sir/Madam,RE: E-Visa (TRN:*******)I'd sent in the above application on (这里填上你递交申请的日期),however I still haven't recieved my Visa. The commencement date of the school I'd applied for is 15/10/09, but without the...

I want to tell you, with your company in the rest of my life, I'll never think of step back. 祝你学习愉快! (*^__^*) 请及时采纳,多谢!

1.不够勇敢 Guard to nearby see your each smiling face at you Smile so sweet is him to give you vow Dare not have already all put blame on is me willingly Probably and one day my love you ability see A day 1:00 you be gradual to...

Honorable visa government official , the message thanking you in looking at me in the midst of pressing affairs, I apply for the electron visa going to Australia study abroad having already delivered, (TRN: * * * * * * * *) sch...

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