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花儿与少年中you are winner i'm winner歌词是什么歌

划船胜利的音乐: 《Winner》 - Pet Shop Boys 满意请点击采纳~

根据中文翻译歌词“这一切发生的太快,你是赢家,我是赢家,趁着这一切还未消尽,让我们尽情享受”推出这首歌是《winner》,对于歌词是“This is all happening so fast,You’re a winner,I’m a winner,Let’s enjoy it all while it lasts”。 歌...

Winner - Pet Shop Boys This is the moment We'll remember Every day for the rest of our lifes Time may rush us Hurt or love us But on this day we have arrived It's been a long time coming We've been in the running for so long Bu...

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