你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . but we work hard to finish our job.

I work hard in the office

翻译: 认真高效的完成了工作 To finish the work carefully and efficiently.

我们知道他们肯定是很努力工作 We know they must work hard

I will try my best to fulfill my responsibilities and make it well.

I will try/do my best to finish/fulfill/accomplish my job. 大多时候翻译没有标准答案 意思到了、无语法错误即可

翻译如下 努力工作 wire in; work off steam; put one's shoulder to the wheel;Work hard都可以 例句 为参与这样的项目,我过去一直努力工作。 I had worked hard to be included in a project like this

The workers are young.They all work hard and they can always finish the work on time.

so.she works hard every day and accomplishes the various of task well.

he treats his work seriously he is seriouly with his work

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