然而,我们也有不同的地方 英语: However , we also have differences between each other.

然而,我们也有很多不同的地方 However, we also have many different places. 然而,我们也有很多不同的地方 However, we also have many different places.

i think that there are many similier places between us

如果我们有车我们能去很多我们想去的地方 If we have cars, we can go to many places where we want to go. If we have cars, we can go wherever we want to go.

we are not able to make sure that you can receive the goods on friday. there is a possibility of 80% that they may reach on friday, if not, they will definitely be received on next monday.

麻烦翻译成英语,“货物暂时都没有完成,所以很抱歉没有办法分批发给你。我们会加快生产,谢谢谅解” 正确表达是: The production of the goods is still not yet completed, Therefore we are sorry for not able to send them to you in batches...

We have all kinds of fruit ice cream, such as the flavor of strawberry, banana or apples . The mutton noodles that we sold vary from six yuan a bowl to ten yuan a bowl , and the middle is eight yuan .

If the price for this time is reasonable, I think we will have more cooperation opportunities in the future.

你好 翻译为We in a way similar, also have different places 望采纳

Besides,we should keep an active attitute,work hard constantly and grow constantly.

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