Love You One Life One World。 LYOLOW

love you forever,endless love

I love you as long as I can live. 或:My love for you is as long as my life. 或:I love you during my lifetime.

Love you with my whole life. 爱你一生一世。 爱:Love 你: you with my 一生一世:whole life 望采纳!谢谢!

I love you forever

“我爱你一生一世”的英文翻译是:I love you forever 短语 1.我爱你一生一世 I love you foreverI Love You For Life 2.我爱你一生一世到永远 Love life-long friends forever 3.我爱你一生一世柳 Love life-long friends Willo 例句: 1.日语“ ...

Fool, I love you one's whole life, never abandon.

简单点的:love you forever。 I will always love you. I will love you all my life. I will love you for all my lifetime. 这些也可以

I love you forever

Say I love you, whole life together.

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