随身携带 carry-on carry ... with one 这是我的随身携带行李。 This is my carry-on luggage

随身携带 carry ... with one更多释义>> [网络短语] 随身携带 carry about;get sth with sb;take along 随身携带行李 carry-on baggage 随身携带笔记本 Carry a Notebook everywhere

随身携带”用英语怎么说 take by yourself

carry就有随身携带的意思(take,get 这些词在语境中也有这个意思) 直接说sb carry sth with him 根据语境,可以理解出随身的意思 比如你对某人说Don't forget to carry an umbrella with you. 意思当然是别忘随身带把桑 而且,carry sth with sb...

请随身携带好自己的物品 Please carry your own items. Please take away your belongs. Please make sure you have all your belongings with you.

你可以随身携带.take something or somebody with oneself somewhere.

1.carry ... with one; carry-on How much money do you have with you? 随身携带多少现金? You can take it with you. 行李员:你可以随身携带。 take something or somebody with oneself somewhere. 从某地随身携带某物或某人。 This diction...

Please take your valuables with you. 请随身携带贵重物品

Notice: please take good care of your personal belongings, we are not be responsible for the loss of them. 英语 English[br]亦可称为[美语],例如香港、新加坡等地。英联邦全部,美国等国家和地区的国语或官方语言。 公元3世纪起有文献,...

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