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they went there by bus?是什么意思

they went there by bus? 他们乘公共汽车去那里? 双语对照 例句: 1. They went by trial and error. 他们的上升试验和错误。 2. They went there on the shots? 枪击时他们赶到了吗? 3. 'I don't think an hour went by that they didn't talk...



小题1:Did,go 小题2:What day_小题3:they didn’t 小题4:What favorite 小题5:are playing 小题1:本句为过去时,动词为一般动词改为一般疑问句,需在句首加助动词did,后跟动词原形go,故本题空格处填Did,go。 小题2:对星期几提问可用what day,...

what was the wather like yeasterday


1 。They went there by bus (instead of) by bike . 用适当的词 转换括号中的单词,语意要通!They went there by bus rather than by bike 。...

1 I went to a park by bus yesterday. 2 I went to Zhejiang last year.

Ⅰ.题型介绍 所谓“句型转换”就是先给一个完整的句子A,再根据括号内的要求(有时没有明确,须自己观察),在第二个句子B的空白处填上适当的词来完成的...

It (is a) fine day today.My sister and I want (to) go to the zoo. We get(got) up at 6 o'clock. We have(had) breakfast at sever...

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