不一样的 一般来说 carry sth 携带,不用carry with这个形式 carry on with sth或者carry on doing sth 含义为 继续

carry on with 1.把…继续进行下去,继续干: They'll carry on with their plan. 他们将继续执行他们的计划。 John carried on with the business when the war was over. 战争结束后约翰继续经营这个买卖。 2.与…私通,与…调情 The manager has...

carry on sth 继续... They managed to carry on their experiments in spite of the difficulties. 虽有困难,他们还是设法使试验继续下去. carry on with sth 用...来继续... They managed to carry on their experiments with their hard work...

carry on doing sth 进行某事 拼音 双语对照 carry on doing sth 网络 继续做

carry on 意为 进行, 将一件目前停止的事情进行下去。 go on 意为 过去 , 现在开始进行某一件事情。 补充: 一: carry on 经营; 继续进行; 争吵; 吵闹 双语例句 1.The assistant carried on talking 助理继续说下去。 2.She was yelling and s...

carry on 表达“开展;举行;进行”某项活动时不加with,意思相当于take part in。 carry on+with 表达对某件事情的“坚持和继续”时加with, 意思相当于go on with。 具体用例句说明: 1、carry on:开展;举行;进行 He had learned enough German...

口语中的carry on指的是吵吵闹闹,举动时常;口语中的carry on(with sb)尤用于进行时态,指的是与某人有暧昧关系;一般的carry on的意思就是继续(做某事),可以跟with sth/doing sth;或者是carry sth on

carry on VERB 继续;接着;坚持 If you carry on doing something, you continue to do it. go on VERB 继续做 If you go on doing something, or go on with an activity, you continue to do it. 从“继续、坚持”这个意思来讲,两者等同

我记得是一个男的唱的,我也在找 歌词由carry on carry on tonigt so beautiful worlds so beautiful worlds

carry on 是一个短语词组,当继续讲。 比如别人正在讲话,突然有人电话响了,他接完电话以后,对讲话的人说继续,这时就可以说:carry on. on单独在carry on with sb一句意思中,不起作用。只有在和carry一起用是,才是一个词组。 本句的意思是...

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