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carry sth.with sb.还是carry sth.on sb.还是都有?

carry with sth. 继续做某事~ carry sth with sb 某人带着某物~ 这俩应该都有呢~ carry sth on with sth 这也也有,但用的不多呢~

impress sb with sth和impress sth on one’s mind是impress的两种不同用法,所表达的意思也有区别。 impress sb with sth意思是 用。。给某人留下印象; impress sth on one’s mind意思胡 将。。。在某人心中留下印象

继续进行 例:We'll carry on our conversation tomorrow. 我们明天将继续进行会谈。

carry on sth 继续... They managed to carry on their experiments in spite of the difficulties. 虽有困难,他们还是设法使试验继续下去. carry on with sth 用...来继续... They managed to carry on their experiments with their hard work...

不一样的 一般来说 carry sth 携带,不用carry with这个形式 carry on with sth或者carry on doing sth 含义为 继续

1 carry out 执行,实行;贯彻;实现;完成 2 carry on 开展;维持;继续 3 carry to 把什么拿到哪里 4 carry for 为了谁拿什么一般后面家人 5 carry away 6 carry forward 发扬, 结转 7 carry through 帮(某人)渡过难关; 使(某人)保持勇气...

用法:impress sth on/upon sb 使…铭记…;使想象 impress sth. on/in sth. 在…上/压/盖印 impress sb. (with sth.) 给予某人深刻印象 be impressed by/with/at sth 对…印象深刻 例句① I impressed on him the importance of his work. 我使他注意...

Congratulations to sb on sth 为某事向某人表示祝贺 Good luck to sb for sth. 祝某人某方面好运.

feed [fi:d] vt. 1. fee的变形 2. 喂(养);饲(养);给…以食物,为…提供食物: 例句: to feed a baby on breast milk 用人奶喂养婴儿We fed the birds yesterday. 我们昨天喂了鸟。 3. 供…作食物,供应(饲料)给,用(某物)喂: 例句: to feed grai...

答:in sth

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