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To say thank you without. a heartfelt. smile. may


试试看,希望能帮助到您:【when you say nothing at all】It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart真令人惊异 你可以一语说中我的心事Without saying a word, you



how long has it been since you had the feeling of being moved ? do you feel grateful when you taste the delicious food your mother prepares for you ? on teacher's day, do you say “thank you teachers” from the bottom of your heart, or just do it as

heartfelt thanks由衷的谢意1. She gave him her heartfelt thanks. 她向他表示衷心的感谢.来自辞典例句2. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of them. 我希望藉今天的开幕典礼,向他们衷心致谢.

My dear friend,I want to say thanks to you.It is you who always help me when I was upset.I will never forget the days that you speat with me.When I was really upset ,beause of the agure with my mother

Dear teacher, thank you for illuminating my voyage of life with your own light of life. My grateful sentiments come from the bottom of my heart. 老师,感谢您用自己的生命之光,照亮了我人生的旅途,对您我满怀感谢之情.

我希望能把你带回来 我一直惦念着你 为我与你的分离而哭泣. 如果你尝试着寻找我! 我将一直在你身边. 所以没有必要说再见. 也许某天你将会找到我! 你衰弱下去 你已展翅飞离 去到那未知的世界. 我将一直在你身边. 我仍然能听见 你给

We made a promise to each other that you would show me a heart-felt smile. I hope you won't forget it.

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