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To say thank you without. a heartfelt. smile. may

Heartbeats ----- Amy Diamond I can't figure out 我搞不清楚 Is it meant to be this way 是意味着就该这么做吗 Easy words so hard to say 简单的词却难以说出口 I can't live without 我活不下去 Knowing how you feel 要是不知道你的感觉如...

winter in my heartwinter has come冬天已经来了 (不是White,孩子 你手误了啊!~)farewell to the sun太阳离得好远 it's getting colder every single day一天比一天冷 you are not here你不在这里 can't stand you're not near不能忍受你不在身...

如果心里会感到悲伤 那么请微笑着让他走(让他去吧)


是high school musical里的《start of something new》 Living in my own world 生活在我自己的世界 Didn't understand 不去管 That anything can happen 发生的任何事 When you take a chance 当你抓住一个机会 I never believed in 我从来不会...

heartfelt thanks 由衷的谢意 1. She gave him her heartfelt thanks. 她向他表示衷心的感谢. 来自辞典例句 2. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of them. 我希望藉今天的开幕典礼,向他们衷心致谢.

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