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My grandpa was a car driver.怎么提问?

百度知道 提问 英语选修8课后答案谁知道英语选修8...My grandpa was a socialist who believe in ...[2] 1.that you should buy a new car . 2....

小学三年级英语词汇 i pron. 我 am v. (我)是 you pron. 你 are v. (你)是 driver n. 司机 in adv. & prep. 在屋里;在家 is zhang ling in 张玲在家吗? classmate n. 同班同学 oh, it's you. 哦,是你。 come in. 进来。 name n. 名字 nine n....

7.Mr More took well care of his car.8.Jack'...11.The poor man needs a house to live12.He ...改正:Even (if/though) he is old, my grandpa ...

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