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Oh, that's my pencil.的中文翻译

很高兴为你解答: Oh, that's my pencil.的中文翻译 哦,那是我的铅笔 pencil 铅笔 good luck!



my pencil-box is quite big 我的铅笔盒是相当大的 采纳

Where's the pencil ? 铅笔在哪里?

My pencilbox i have a good friend. her name is pencil-box. she is a very beautiful girl. look! there is a picture on her face. it’s a picture of flowers. her coat is blue and yellow. there are some pencils, a pen, a ruler, a ru...

Touch, of course, is the primary method of selection of ipad. To enhance the possible of multi-touch and allow the new lever of precision with new ipad pro, we designed apple pencil. This began by reengineering the touch substa...

铅笔 铅笔

show me your pencilbox 让我看看你的铅笔盒 双语例句 1 Please show me your ID card. it's just a formality. 请出示证件,这是例行公事。 2 Show me your identity card instead of shooting at my foot, you ape. 把你的身份证拿出来看看,...

你好,很高兴为你解答! Is it steven’s pencil 翻译:是Steven的铅笔吗? 希望可以帮助到你,望采纳谢谢!

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