四年级英语主要语法有:一般现在时,现在进行时.现在进行时句子结构:主语+是动词+现在分词(ing)例如:she is singing.一般现在时句子结构:主语+动词原形 (主语为第三人称单数时,动词加s)例如:i sing very well.he sings very well.

)1.Excuse______,are you a nurse? A)I B)me C)my( )2.A:______is that woman? B:She is my mother. A)what B)who C)why( )3.Don't______the window. A)open B)look C)go( )4.What's the______with you? A)matter B)wrong C)that( )5.This is my

1 dance2 reading a letter3 taking a photo4 does the housework

interesting, interestedfinding ,foundtakes, takeconsidered, considerationchildren, childcccdaacaab

1. trees 2. students 3. teachers4. nurses 5. boys 6. girls7.eyes 8. ears 9. hands10. coats 11. sweaters 12. skirts13. jackets 14. shirts 15.brothers16. sisters 17. names 18. jobs19. waiters 20. drivers 21. workers22. cooks 23. farmers 24.apples25.

1. 介词:in, on, under, behind, near, at, of 1). in表示"在……中", "在……内".例如: in our class 在我们班上 in my bag 在我的书包里 in the desk 在桌子里 in the classroom 在教室里 2). on 表示"在……上".例如: on the wall 在墙上 on

1)The new flat _didn't_ _cost_ me _much_money.2)BIill _didn't_come out of the classroom _until_he worked out the problem.3)_would_ _you_ _like_to go with me ?4)Do you kown _how__ _to__make the computer think?5)There__will__ __be_many

按顺序来 第一个 a 第二个 schoolbag 第三个 English 最后一个 storybooks.注意是复数啊.

正确答案为:1-5 CCCAC6-10 BACCA11-17 CCAABCA

四年级一般没什么要记的,主要就是把单词背会,因为单词在英语考试里占了很大的比重.小学里的话主要就是这么几个语法点:正在进行(be动词加动词的ing);将要进行(be going to );过去式(特征是do变did;动词变成过去式,比如watch要变成watched,不同的 单词变法也不同,读音上也有一点区别);喜欢某样东西后面加ing,其他也没什么了.

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