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---Would you please help me carry the suitcase?...

B 试题分析:考查交际用语:A. My pleasure不用谢,B. With pleasure很乐意,C. Go ahead请便,请讲,D. By no means绝不,句意:--能请你帮我拿箱子吗?---很乐意。选B。

选A A:没问题(可以帮忙) B:当然(介意)

carry-on suitcase 随身携带的行李箱 双语例句 1 Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag. 是的,这个手提箱还有这个手提袋。 2 This lightweight, durable, carry-on sized suitcase serves as luggage, riding toy, and transport for kids...

A. lend sb. a hand给某人帮个忙。

C固定用法:Let's ..., shall we ? / Let us ..., will you ?

我觉得选B是对的,具体辨析如下: rather可以和比较级形容词或者too连用,fairly则不行。例如: My brother is rather better today.我兄弟今天好多了。 This book is rather too difficult for the juniors and rather too easy for the senio...

So l offered to carry the suitcase to the restaurant for her. 翻译:所以我提议帮她把行李搬到酒店。 注:offer to do sth. 提出要做某事

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