低挫 哘乎頁 宸褒亂刊壓低議重貧寔挫心 this pair of shoes suits you well. 隠屬彈鳩楕~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~壓和嗤匯倖弌弌萩箔萩煤煤泣似^寡追葎諾吭指基 ̄ ~厘逸低基籾低逸厘寡追 ~低議刃協頁厘指基議強薦。低議...

艇挫〆楔瀰卜艇盾基 鍬咎葎This pair of shoes looks good on you foot. 李寡追~艇議寡追頁厘指基議強薦

This shoes fit you well

have shoes on 賜 wear the shoes 賜 put the shoes on。 凪糞音喘委^重貧 ̄鍬咎竃栖杏亂刃協頁刊壓重貧娃

宸褒亂厘刊議載栽重 This pair of shoes fits me well. 廣吭。。。。 fit匯協勣喘及眉繁各汽方 咀葎宸戦議麼囂頁this pair of shoes遇音頁shoes pair頁汽方 侭參僚囂勣喘fits

宸褒亂載癖栽厘議重遇椎褒亂音癖栽 These shoes fit my feet well, but those shoes don't fit

I like the style of this pair of runner,it fits me well.

The new shoes don't fit my feet well. 仟亂音栽重 They hurt my feet.彬重 仟亂張重宸膨倖忖燕吭狛噐酒汽音岑祇低詼桔嗤議仟亂択栖胡刊脅氏張重椿┛丘鹸消阻亂防阻祥音張阻 珊頁傍低択阻匯褒仟亂喇噐樫雁嗤泣弌遇張重椿

You won't know if the shoes will be suitable to you until you wear them.

厘襭厘議讐隈哘乎曳熟俊除晩云繁議氏三楼降。 穎捷壓晩云祥頁宸劔聞喘議。 わずか匯指しか堕いていないのに、怎に価り彬ができてしまったわ。 わずかいっかいしかはいていないのに、あしにすりきずができてしまったわ。 咀葎喘阻‐はく/才‐...

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