林忆莲的setting down here

《RIGHT HERE WAITING》 Richard Marx http://www.thailand-holiday.us/dhamma/RIGHT_HERE_WAITING_Richard_Marx.mp3

lemon tree第一句就是 I'm waiting for you

《right here waiting》中文名《此情可待》

goodbye-L2M 中文版的是F4的《体验》

rhgit here watting for you???

From my youngest yearstill this moment hereI've never seensuch a lovely queenFrom the skies aboveto the deepest loveI've never feltcrazy like this beforePaint my loveyou should paint my loveit's the picture of a thousand sunsetsit's the freedom of a

歌词应该是wherever you are,whatever you do,I'll be right here waiting for you 这首歌的中文名就叫此情可待

RIGHT HERE WAITING?oceans apart day after dayand i slowly go insanei hear your voice on the linebut it doesn't stop the painif i see you next to neverhow can we say foreverwherever you gowhatever you doi will be right here waiting for

歌词应为”兄弟 你的兄弟就在这里 ,不管什么时候回来 哥几个等你 “出自歌曲《归》.《归》歌手:龙井所属专辑:《龙井说唱》发行时间:2007-08-20歌词:你从国外回来咱就没怎么聊过 一直都在忙着其实有好多话想说 还没来得及转一眼

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