参见【百度文库】 http://wapwenku.baidu.com/view/a01f231552d380eb62946d79.html?ssid=1bc9b6cfd3a5c5cad1c27b2c&from=2001a&uid=0&pu=usm@0,sz@1321_1003,ta@utouch_2_4.2_1_10.7&bd_page_type=1&baiduid=48154B108A6E6D0DFC310FB8F1093369&t...


全新版大学英语综合教程第二册课文翻译及习题答案(上海外语教育出版社) http://ishare.iask.sina.com.cn/search.php?key=%B4%F3%D1%A7%D3%A2%D3%EF%D7%DB%BA%CF%BD%CC%B3%CC%B5%DA%B6%FE%B2%E1%BF%CE%CE%C4%B7%AD%D2%EB%BC%B0%CF%B0%CC%E2%B4%F0...

I have a classmate called jack, he often sleep in class, also don't like to study, will influence homework, accidentally will catch a cold catch a cold. He is a man of somewhat introverted character, learning to get along with ...


In my opinion,success means brilliant achievement in our work.In other words,no matter what we do,making outstanding contributions to the development of our country and bringing help and happiness to others is success. To achie...

你好 请问你有这本书的答案吗 跪求

was looking at, even he began to take an

这里应该找不到答案 不会的话 还是问问你的同学·或者老师比较好 让他们给你讲讲 最好自己做 才记得清楚

Why not talk about weather instead? It's something we all have in common

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