my sister i have a sister. her name is li xin. she is fifteen years old now. like many other middle school students, she has black long hair and always ties them up. but she has a specialty that she can play piano very well. she began to learn the piano at

today i and my sister go to the supermarket,there are many things in the market,i want to buy a bastetball, by sister want to buy a doll.we are very happy today.

My sister and I will go camping next Sunday. We will join our cousins on this camping trip. We are going to bring the tents for our group, and the others will be responsible for bringing other camping equipments. We will have a campfire and outdoor barbecue that night. It will be a lot of fun.

i have a sister marry.she is 16 years old now.she is a beauty whose height is 163 cm.my sister has a round face and short bob hair.she have a pair of big eyes and they look very beautiful.she has a small mouth with two thick and red lips.all of us see

my little sister named zhangruoyun. Her medium height, shapely, oval face, small eyes but great temperament. She is interested in singing and dancing. She has participated in the city's singing competition, won the first prize. She loves sports, like

My father loves reading newspaper. My mother likes watching TV. My sister likes playing with toys. My brother likes playing football. I like singing and dancing. 我爸爸喜爱看报纸.我妈妈喜欢看电视我妹妹喜欢玩玩具.我弟弟喜欢踢足球.我喜欢唱歌和跳舞.亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thanks!

我的妹妹,你要回去.1. My little sister, you need to go back.2. My sister, you should go back.3. My sis, you must go back.4. My sister, you need to be back.5. My sister, you need to be back.

This is a bedroom. There is a bed near the window. There is a chair beside the bed. There is a desk opposite the bed. There is a computer on the desk.

I have a nice house.There are many books in my house. I can read in my house every morning.I can have a rest in my house when I am tired after playing football.I can also play computer in my house.There are toys,basketball and all kinds of story

My family I have a happy family . My father likes going fishing. My mother likes cooking . My sister likes drawing pictures . I like watching Tv .

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