. Time flies. 时光易逝. 2. Time is money. 一寸光阴一寸金. 3. Time and tide wait for no man. 岁月无情;岁月易逝;岁月不待人. 4. Time tries all. 时间检验一切. 5. Time tries truth. 时间检验真理. 6. Time past cannot be called back again. 光

This holiday is my best busy holiday for I am learning English, computer and word and I fall in the weekend exam. Many times I want to take today off, but my mother said to me:“go on, you must belive that you can do it.” So I have to try. Now my

I always get a lot of birthday presents f rom my parents. They are amazing and I like them very much. My parents birh day is coming soon. I really want to sen d them some special presents and sho w them how much I love them. I am goi ng to send my

1 I live in a small neighborhood. There are many things in it. The small restaurant is next to the fruit shop. The park is behind the restaurant. It's a very beautiful park. You can walk in it after dinner. Next to the restaurant is a supermarket. Where is the

day 1 January the X(从几号开始就写几)th weather (天气:sunny wet rainny cold snow) today is the first day of my english dairy.There is a old saying:a good start is the half of the success. I hope so~~This winter is extreamly cold ,so every

第一篇: Jun. 25th Sun. Sunny Today is Junuary 25th.I should have a happy day with my parents,because today is Spring Festival. At 20:00,we opened television and watched TV together.That's would be fun!I was very happy that night.一月

a happy day today i wake up early and went out with my friends,we went to the seaside. it was a sunny day and the sea is really beautiful,we talked happily.we share the funny things in school and i felt i really enjoy a happy day. a busy day three days

Today ,my mother and I cleaned the house. I cleaned the windows hard because it is so dirty. Then I cleaded it again. After that, I cleaned the floor and swept it. I thought it is dirtier than windows. Then I cleaned the tables and lots of chairs. We

我吓编的,希望你用的上,^_^英语:Today is Sunday. Hot weather. I and my best friend go swimming, swimming pools, many people. Then we go to a lot of things, they were very delicious. I like to eat the ice-crowm. I eat two. 16:00 us to go home.

1. it was the first day of our winter holiday. all of us were very happy. why? because we have one months to do things we love to do. we are free. although we have some homework. but we can finish them in several days. and the rest time we can make

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