As a new era of youth and high quality of high school students, we should do...

As the youths of new era, we must have creative minds instead of studying only from the books. 英文里的前后数量必须一致,所以没有说a youth。

be a good new century teenager

new time/modern time

翻译如下: 新时代 a new era 如 开启了新时代launched a new era 十九大 The 19th National Congress of CPC 例句: 1928年,亚历山大•弗莱明在发霉的皮氏培养皿上偶然发现了青霉素,由此开启了医学新时代。 The fortuitous discovery of...


新时代广场 [网络] Yoho Town; Aberdeen Centre; Fairchild Plaza; [例句]超高层建筑新时代广场是深圳蛇口的标志性建筑。 The super high-rise New Times plaza structure is the symbol building in Shekou, Shenzhen.

新时代 New epoch 新思想 New thoughts 新目标 New objectives 新征程 New journey


the student of Newtime 作为新时代的学生 As a student in the new age, 作为新时代的学生,我知道,我们的前途和祖国的发展负责。 As a student in the new age, I know that we are responsible for the future and development of our mothe...

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