Please give me some time , I'll know how to do .

give me some time賜宀泌惚宸粁扮寂掲械玉議三辛參傍give me a second

公厘匯泣扮寂,厘祥辛參委万頼撹 Give me a little time, I can finish it. 錬李嬬校逸廁欺艇、

please give me one more time

I reached a consensus with the project leader and made some steps, set aside time for designer walkthrough of time.


죄송합니다, 용서 못 다 이 이렇게 나 에게 시 시간 잘 있 어요......

宸頁厘娼伉屁尖辺鹿議100夸卯丶議丶三!悳嗤叱倖辛參斑低蝕伉議,錬李低嬬浪散,O(”_”)O 1.丕海才哂囂析弗匯軟肇隈忽蝶嶄僥恵諒,丕海壓撰銘讐三,...

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