give me some time或者如果这段时间非常短的话,可以说give me a second

给我一点时间,我就可以把它完成 Give me a little time, I can finish it. 希望能够帮助到您、

类似例句: 我十分希望得到您的指点,还望您能在百忙之中,抽出一点时间来满足我这一个小小的愿望。 I hope that your can give me some advices in your little time to let my dream come true

I reached a consensus with the project leader and made some steps, set aside time for designer walkthrough of time.

I wish that my parents could leave some time for me so that I can communicate something with them .


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もう少し时间をくれてください。仆はぜひあなたを幸せにするから 自己觉得这样还好吧 2楼和3楼翻译的还可以 1.4楼的都是翻译器 楼主WS好了

Give me some time to gather my notes.


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